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Stess and Ike had what you could only call a “Holiday Romance” that blossomed into a loving relationship.  I never really understood fully, until I witnessed Ike doing his “thang”, what she meant when she said she fell for him at the Firedance.  Frequent flyer miles where racked up, visas were applied for, many long hours spent on the phone to various government officials, all worth it to be able to spend time with the one you love.  We all met this tall, softly spoken Fijian man, who wondered at our way of life and the crazy things like the clock on the microwave.  His innocence was beautiful and really made us think about the “stuff” we take for granted.  Stess glowed when she talked about him, and her beautiful eyes had that sparkle of love, it was just so wonderful to see.  When they told me they were getting married and would love me to capture their photos I was excited ~ and it was going to be in Fiji!!!

The planing of any wedding is tricky, but add to that a cross culture wedding, and an overseas destination, and you can imagine the added difficulties and frustrations.  Stess and her family and friends all rallied together and pulled together an amazing celebration, spanning two venues and those that attended had an experience of a lifetime!

Susan from Un Jour Photography came along for the ride and captured some amazing images – Thank you!!!!

A huge thank you to all of Ike’s family and village – they were amazing, welcoming, and generous!


Arriving in Style ~ The Golf cart is surprisingly fast around the corners!

You could not get a happier couple  – their smiles were HUGE!

The boys giving me their Warrior Faces (I think they were too happy to be truly fierce!)I might be slightly biased, but isn’t he just the cutest little man 😉

After the speeches the tears flowed – not a dry eye in the house!

ummm.. yes, so my camera was taken from me and I was forced to dance 😉

Susan testing the lighting for me.. heehee

Even the staff were in on the conga line, no one was safe and drinks were abandoned, but I didn’t hear any complaints!Wine fridges make a great spot to take a cool break from the heat of the day.



Day 2 ~ The Fire Dance


You can imagine that having gotten married the day before that you might be taking it easy and enjoying a cocktail by the pool?  Well not if you are Ike! He backed up his wedding night with a Fire Dance performance that burned the floor!  Surrounded by most of the wedding guests, his new family and the usual holiday makers of the Sheraton Hotel, Ike gave a thrilling show.  This is where I spotted that moment, when Stess would have fallen for him, the heat of the flames, the passion in his eyes, it was intoxicating to watch!  Credit also to the other lads – they also would have been a little weary from all the festivities from the night before – but unless you were a wedding guest you would never have known – they gave 100% and the crowd was delighted!



Day 3 ~ The Village Celebration


We all met at the front of the Sheraton and awaited the bus which took us the 10 minute journey to Ike’s village (I say ten minutes, but in Fiji they have a way of going a slower pace).  It was rather exciting as this would be a true celebration in real Fiji style.  The Lovo has been prepared in the traditional way,  and the Kava and Rum was ready and waiting.  As we walked down the road toward the village it was like we stepped back in time, to a place that has a real community.  Where you have more Aunties than you know the name of, where everyone helps out and when you are welcomed you are family.  I really felt blessed to be a part of this amazing celebration and the love they all have for Ike was clear to everyone present.  Tears were shed, drinks flowed, feasts were eaten, dogs barked and children laughed and played.  To try to describe it my words does not do it justice, but it felt like HOME, a true home, not full of modern technology or comforts, but LOVE.  To the gorgeous couple ~ Thank you for trusting me to capture your amazing celebration of love ~ I know I will never forget it. L xx


stacy squires photography - what a great wedding … nice photos too

Julie Kean - Well done Liddell.

Monique Arrabal - Absolutely gorgeous photos. Made more beautiful by the people captured in them. x

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